Devoxx 2015 French Edition in Pics (Part 2)

Just (few) pics …

IMG_20150409_130724A Rasp cluster





IMG_20150409_185200IMG_20150513_110541I got my 3D figurine

IMG_20150410_174315Cast coders


Devoxx fr 2015 Edition – A few weeks later (Part 1)

Attend Devoxx!

Devoxx fr 2015 Edition was awesome this year in Paris! I am ashamed to say that it’s the first time I attend to Devoxx fr especially that I live in the suburbs of Paris!

Attend to Devoxx with Oxiane (to the french dev community)

Oxiane is a French company that offers training in new technologies. It is involved in the Devoxx since 2 years now. They can help you attend Devoxx (French editions) and afford the conference fees using your CPF – Compte Personnel de Formation – (Formerly the DIF). Contact them around November, when the conference registration opens. They took more than 700 registrations in this edition.

MyVoxx 2015

I could not attend all the conferences … so what I present hereinafter are my notes, keywords and all what I could humanely hear and pick-up around me, it is my devoxx 2015 360° – MyVoxx and clearly not the Devoxx 2015!

Functional programming – Java 8 & Scala

Scala seems to be largely adopted by the Java community! If you don’t Scala you should! Indeed it’s syntax is very sexy and the need to Functional Programming syntax-like languages was a must largely covered by Scala since! I Personally I am wondering what is the future of Java … the Java community will it become a Scala Community in the near future?

Java 8 came to offer such a functional programming syntax with the Streams API and associated Lambda expressions and to reduce that gap it had! Personally I am beginning to practice the Streams API and Lambda expressions and I found it awesome! We find in the net lots of blogs and introductory articles introducing the Lambda expressions, I personally like the concept that resumes the thing

No more loops with Lambdas!

Java CDI & Metrics

The new CDI specification was, as it seems to me, one of the stars of the meeting! A talk, say a show, on CDI was held by A. Goncalves … it is really a valuable plus for the JEE platform.

I am personally using CDI since few months (JEE 7 on Wildfly 8) but the talks I attended allowed me discover some concepts and tips I didn’t know before!

Metrics CDI I avow that I am completely a newbie on the project .. It seemingly offers interesting things on CDI as completion to JEE CDI … I think you should give it a try!

Apache Spark

I attended a Hands on Lab that introduces Apache Spark (Scala again!) that I found quite interesting! Apache Spark is a framework that aims to lighten and speed up large-scale data based programming over clusters. It offers a MapReduce implementation that compares (seems to be faster) to Hadoop and related frameworks.

It extensively relies on Scala & Java 8 syntax … doing it with Scala is straightforward as it is natively written in Scala!


RxJava (or Reactive Extension for the JVM) is THE framework that retained my curiosity in this Devoxx. I saw RxJava in 2 or 3 talks and it seems really interesting as it offers a high abstraction layer for performing asynchronous operations on the JVM.

Architectural Concerns

There ware many talks about architectural concepts and all that I attended were really interesting and valuable (Uncle Bob is by far amongst the references for – good – Architects).

The talks where about Hexagonal Architecture, Reactive Applications (Reactive Manifesto) and Micro Services Architecture. These talks where awesome and I especially appreciated a conference where people came with there 5-clustered Rasberry PI’s to highlight the concepts of a Reactive application along with the Micro Services Architecture on a Web application (developed with Play framework over Cassandra).

Circuit Broker Pattern

There are many explanatory articles on the web talking about the Circuit Breaker Pattern. It is not part the GoF’s design patterns but, as a relatively not so new pattern in software engineering, you should know it and more importantly be conscious of the use cases it addresses!

Docker containers

Docker appears to be more and more a standard on virtualization and container building. The Dockerfile syntax, though simple, make it very powerful to build and manage containers – pluggable on github and bitbucket for your Dockerfile’s projects, the container updates or building/construction on the top of others follows the same git philosophy (pull, push, fork). You can either share your container to the community on Dockerhub or just keep it running on your server.

Devoxx people talked about it!

Gradle (build automation), Asciidoctor (Markdown like syntax text processor), Eclipse Che & Codenvy (develop, build and run on the cloud), JSonPath (XPath for JSon data), Ratpack, JBoss Forge, JEUS Application server, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Ethereum, Akka Stream, IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), Cloud Monkey … and much more