A Maven configuration for a Java Webstart (JNLP) application


  • codehaus Maven JNLP plugin version 1.0-beta-3
  • Maven shade plugin version 1.6

The Plugin configuration to generate auto-executable Jar

                <transformer implementation="org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.ManifestResourceTransformer">

The Plugin configuration for JNLP (via a profile)


You have to change these configurations according to your application, mainly the codebase, the mainClass (in both plugins configurations) and the keystore parameters to use your own

In order to generate the JNLP repository, run

    mvn clean install -Pjnlp

A jnlp folder is created in the target folder containing all the needed resources and the “launch.jnlp” autostart file.

It is important to put the “jnlp” velocity template.vm file in src/main/jnlp along with the keystore file.

The pom file contains other jnlp configuration properties that you should set accordingly

  • project.name
  • project.description
  • project.url
  • project.organization.name
  • project.organization.url




One thought on “A Maven configuration for a Java Webstart (JNLP) application”

  1. Hi, Thank you very much for this article. I’ve tried your example and it worked great. I have a question. How did you generate ichir.jks file? Is there a way to generate without buying the certificate? Thank you very much

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