Load a properties file on a BlackBerry RIM application

“Properties” class does not exist on the BlackBerry Java API. Find here an implementation of this class for your RIM applications.

Usage example:

   Class clazz = Class.forName(this.getClass().getName());
   InputStream stream = classs.getResourceAsStream("/file.properties");
   Properties properties = new Properties();
   // some code

Download link Properties.java.


Eclipse shortcuts

Find in this post (joint “pdf” file) all eclipse shortcuts:

  • SVN – Lock… – Ctrl+Alt+K – In Windows
  • Task – Mark Task Incomplete – Alt+Shift+I – In Tasks Editor
  • Run/Debug – Debug Eclipse Application – Alt+Shift+D, E – In Windows
  • Navigate – Open Declaration – F3 – In Windows

Download file eclipse-shortcuts.pdf